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Any animal that presents to the shelter as a stray is held for 72 hours per the Department of Agriculture. These animals can be viewed on lost and found.

Any animal that presents as an owner surrender is not required to be held for 72 hours.

Animals are evaluated upon intake and receive a 2nd evaluation before an adoption / rescue / euthanasia decision is made.

Once an animal has been evaluated, they can be viewed on adoption and rescue.

All animal shelter laws can be viewed at the Department of Agriculture.

Leash Law

There is a leash law ordinance in Cabarrus County for dogs. There is no leash law for cats.


Strays: Dogs that are picked up by an officer or the public running loose. Cats that are trapped and brought in by the public.

Surrenders: Animals brought to the shelter and signed over by their owner. Owners sign a surrender form relinquishing custody of the animal to Cabarrus County, thereby risking euthanasia.

Quarantine: Animals that are being held for 10 days either for a bite, abandonment or involvment in other investigations.

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